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About Yala

Yala is a brand made in Canada for people around the world. Our goal is to create a brand that will represent the beauty of our beloved animals while keeping quality and style. Each product has been designed with this thought in mind. Our team has made all the designs with the goal of creating a product that we want ourselves. This company will keep releasing new products and ensuring that everything we create stays with our core values.

The two of us

This clothing brand was founded by Yasmine and I (Alexandre), and we've found this project as a passion. Our goal is not to pursue riches but to create something that represents our love for animals and also for each other.

We founded this company in early January 2023. We decided to create this business because we were trying to buy something online and we realise that we didn't like what we saw. So I thought to myself, why not do it myself?

Since the project has been part of our life and every day is a new journey in this business world. We do every design and campaign to ensure that our product is made with quality and love.

Our product is made as a print-on-demand product. The print-on-demand solution is a way for us and you to be more environmentally friendly. Our delay is a bit slower due to this, but we ensure that each item meets the required quality level. If an item doesn't meet the level of quality needed we will make sure to take returns.

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